Purchasing Muay Thai Gloves Online How to Choose the Right Size and Usage?

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“Muay Thai gloves” are a popular and widely used product all over the world. Making orders of Muay Thai gloves online becomes another channel that gives more convenience for people who are interested in it. However, before purchasing, we provide basic guide tips to help you choose the right size Muay Thai gloves and their usage.

Why is Muay Thai gloves size measured in ounces (oz.)?

Muay Thai gloves size is not measured by hand length or width, but by weight in ounces. The reason for this is to let customers know the physical weight of boxing gloves. While they are wearing, each hand will weigh as close as the chosen size. They are available in many sizes ranging from 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ounces.

Are Muay Thai gloves size affected to

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punch or protect?

Of course, they are. Hand compartment sizes are usually designed to be fairly universal, so in theory, you should be able to wear the one that fits your hand. However, keep in mind, if you are just lightly hitting pads, a thinly padded glove gives a speed of punching, but if you are planning to spar or practice with another person, more padding gives protection.

Essentially, each Muay Thai boxing brand has its own boxing glove sizes, and they are designed to fit slightly differently, so check your hand size and try it on before purchasing.

Windy-BGVH boxing gloves are available in 8-16 ounces, so choose according to your need and comfort.

Purchasing boxing gloves online, what is the best way to figure out what size you require?

Muay Thai boxing gloves have a choice of sizes. If you are not sure what size boxing gloves you need, we recommend considering usages which are followed as;

  • Punch Rapidly, Suitable for Exercise and Training

We recommend Muay Thai boxing gloves size 10-14 oz. For people who plan to exercise and practice with a bag or pad because they are good for speed cardio and all-around protection. The small pad and lightweight allow you to punch quickly without becoming fatigued. (Click here to read the article “Let’s Freshen Up and Build Your Energy with Muay Thai”).

Boxing Gloves, Model: Fairtex-BGV 22, Size: 12 Oz. Fit weights, comfortable to wear, beautiful metallic color. Thickened soft sponge to protect hands and fingers from injuries.

  • More Sponge, Ideal for Sparring  

Boxing gloves for sparring especially with a sack to practice throwing a strong punch. The finger area has a thick sponge to absorb shock and prevent finger injuries. We suggest 14 oz. for whom lighter weight, 16 oz. for medium weight, and 18 oz. for a heavyweight.

Bag Gloves, Model: K-Bag, is comfortable to wear. A sponge to enhance the fingertips and to help practice punching with great strength. 

  • Heavy Punches, Practicing Before on Stage

Boxing training gloves, designed to fight with a sparring partner, are suitable for people with boxing basics to a professional level. Most of them practice getting used to the gloves before going on stage. The popular sizes of the gloves are 16-18 Oz. because it can release heavy punches, protect your hands, and prevent injuries to your partner.

Fairtex BGV25 F-Day2

Fairtex BGV25 “F-Day 2” Limited Edition Gloves are a brand new design of pattern and padding. Designed with premium microfiber for the outer shell, and locked thumb for preventing any injuries during training or competition.

  • Competition – Knock Opponents Well Protecting

Competition gloves are used to knock an opponent on stage. The popular sizes range from 8-16 Oz. Most people use lace-up mitts because they can be pulled tight. And the chance that the boxing gloves will scratch the opponent’s face is rare. They are firm but take a long time to wear. 

So, boxing gloves with Velcro are used instead sometimes as well, which must be accepted by the competition and meet the established rules.

Fairtex-BGVG2 Glory Gloves-BGVG2 are specially redesigned from the BGL6 Lace Up Gloves. Major Muay Thai and Kickboxing use them for sparring and competition around the world.

Before purchasing boxing gloves online, you can use these basic guide tips above to help you choose the right size and usages. You are recommended to try looking at the gloves of each brand because there may be a slight difference in size. If possible, measure your wrist size, consider the purpose of use, try it on your hand, or ask us to be sure. 

Our Bull Sports offers a variety of brands and sizes of boxing gloves. You can view and order at Click, or visit our store to try it on before purchasing. Moreover, for people who are still choosing the color or cannot decide your boxing gloves pattern, you can click here to read the article “Muay Thai Gloves Come in a Variety of Patterns; How to Choose Them ?”

** Muay Thai boxing gloves size and usage above is only our recommendation, it might be different depending on each store **

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