Muay Thai Gloves – 3 Easy Steps to Clean off Musty Smell and Sweat Stains After Use

Muay Thai Gloves – 3 Easy Steps to Clean off Musty Smell and Sweat Stains After Use

Muay Thai newbies might not know that Muay Thai gloves after being used many times can have a musty smell and stains due to sweat, dust, and lack of cleaning. So, there are 3 easy cleaning steps that will help you get away from this problem. Let’s get started!

Clean Muay Thai Gloves How Should We Do?

Clean Muay Thai gloves with a hairdryer, microfiber cloth, cotton pads, and clean water. These will help remove sweat and dust and keep your boxing gloves dry without accumulation of sweat and bacteria inside.

Do not rush putting your ‘wet’ Muay Thai gloves in the closet immediately after use because it will easily make them smell.

Step 1: Dry your Muay Thai gloves with a low temperature

Clean Muay Thai gloves by using a hairdryer. It will help dry them better than drying them directly under the sunlight. The reason is that the sun exposure makes the mitts dry slowly and the sponge withers and deteriorates faster. It is recommended to blow with a low temperature over the mitts by focusing on the end of the mitts and the thumb area.

Step 2: Clean Muay Thai gloves up with a damp cloth 

After blow-drying, use a microfiber cloth moistened with water, wring it until dry and gently wipe it on the leather area to remove dust and sweat stains. It is not recommended to use a wet cloth to wipe the leather because it will cause too much water to seep into the leather which affects the condition of the Muay Thai gloves. 

For the sponge, use a cotton pad instead of a microfiber cloth. Because of its small size, this will allow you to use your hands to wipe the interior areas more thoroughly. Avoid using detergents or any cleaning chemical because it may damage your mitts.

Step 3: Blow dry your Muay Thai gloves again for a complete clean

After cleaning Muay Thai gloves with clean water, blow dry again to completely dry the mitts. It is recommended to store Muay Thai gloves in a dry place where it is far from the light.

Clean Muay Thai gloves with the processes above. They are not as difficult as you might think. Just 3 simple steps and a few general cleaning tools can help keep your Muay Thai gloves back in a good look without a musty smell and sweat stains at all. 

Besides, these cleaning procedures can also be adapted to other Muay Thai equipment that uses “leather” material as well, for example:

However, for Muay Thai equipment that uses “fabric” material such as ankle guards, elbow pads, hand wrap, or other boxing apparel, we recommend washing with clean water and lightly expose them to sunlight in order to prevent bacteria and the musty smell that may occur after use.

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