Boxing 101: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Best Boxing Gloves

Boxing requires the right equipment to ensure both safety and performance. The boxing gloves are at the heart of this equipment, which protects your hands from hard punches. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go through the finer points of choosing the perfect boxing gloves for beginners and introduce you to different categories and essential aspects. Think of this guide as your compass in the vast field of boxing gloves, helping you to make an informed and confident choice that meets your requirements.


Understanding Boxing Gloves


Boxing gloves are an essential protective shield, creating a barrier between the hands and the impact of punches. Designed to absorb and distribute punch force, these gloves guarantee the wearer’s safety while preserving their opponent’s integrity. As part of our ultimate guide to choosing the best boxing gloves for beginners, it’s essential to understand the key features of these gloves to make an informed and practical choice.


Categories of Boxing Gloves


Boxing Gloves


Let’s take a look at the six main categories of boxing gloves to assist you in the selection process:


Boxing Gloves: These versatile gloves are ideal for beginners taking up boxing. They provide the flexibility and protection you need for activities such as hitting pads or participating in partner drills.


Bag Gloves: The bag gloves are designed for individual training and can withstand the demands of intensive training on the punching bag. They offer additional protection for the hands and are ideal for people focusing on hitting heavy sandbags alone.


Sparring Gloves: If you are sparring with a training partner, sparring gloves are your first choice. They are designed to protect both your hands and those of your partner. These gloves are essential for minimizing the risk of injuries during sparring sessions.


Muay Thai Gloves: Specifically designed for Muay Thai competitions, these gloves resemble traditional boxing gloves but provide the flexibility to open the hands. Available in both lace-up and hook-and-loop closure options, they ensure a snug fit for optimal performance.


Mexican Style Boxing Gloves: Ideal for international boxing competitions, these gloves feature an extended wrist area, offering superior support. Perfect for individuals aspiring to participate in international competitions.


MMA Mixed Martial Arts Gloves: Specially designed for participation in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) matches, these gloves possess a distinctive appearance easily distinguishable from other types. They leave the fingers exposed with an open-fingered design, reflecting their unique style.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Boxing Gloves for Beginners


To ensure an optimal training experience, it is vital to consider a few key factors when choosing the best boxing gloves.


1. Intended Use: The first and most crucial point when choosing boxing gloves is to know their intended use. Different types of gloves are suitable for other aspects of training and competition. For beginners, it is crucial to determine whether the gloves will be used primarily for training on the punching bag, sparring with a partner, or competitions. Each scenario requires a different type of glove to ensure safety and performance.

2. Materials:
The materials used to make boxing gloves are divided into two main categories, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Synthetic Leather: Affordable, suitable for beginners, softer impact.

  • Synthetic leather boxing gloves are suitable for beginners or those just starting boxing. They are inexpensive and have foam or padding inside to make the gloves thick and soft.
  • In terms of durability, the lifespan of synthetic leather gloves is naturally shorter than that of genuine leather. However, some brands offer models with higher-quality synthetic leather than what is commonly used on the general market, contributing to an extended lifespan for these gloves.

Genuine Leather: Highly durable, higher price, longer lifespan, firmer impact.

  • Genuine leather boxing gloves come with a relatively higher price but showcase exceptional durability and resistance to tearing, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Although boxing gloves made from genuine leather are more suitable for use in real competition than synthetic leather gloves, they are versatile enough for training purposes. Using genuine leather gloves in training offers a closer and more authentic boxing experience. However, caution is advised for both you and your training partners. The surface can be relatively rigid, and when used for sparring without your training partner wearing a headgear, it may pose a risk of injuries.


Fairtex Boxing Gloves


3. Size: It’s important to note that boxing gloves are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 18 ounces. Here, we offer guidance on choosing the appropriate size for boxing gloves:

Selecting Based on Weight

  • For individuals weighing 40-50 kg, opt for boxing gloves sized 6 oz.
  • For those weighing 50-70 kg, choose boxing gloves sized 8-12 oz.
  • If your weight falls between 70-80 kg, go for boxing gloves sized 12-16 oz.
  • Individuals weighing over 80 kg should select boxing gloves sized 16-18 oz.

Selecting Based on Palm Size

To ensure a comfortable fit, measure the circumference of your hand by wrapping a measuring tape around the entire hand just below the knuckles (excluding the thumb). Select boxing gloves according to the following guidelines:

  • Palm circumference of 5.5-6.5 inches: choose sized 6-10 oz.
  • Palm circumference of 6.5-7.5 inches: choose sized 10-12 oz.
  • Palm circumference of 7.5-8.5 inches: choose sized 12-14 oz.
  • Palm circumference of 8.5-9.5 inches: choose sized 14-16 oz.
  • Palm circumference of 9.5 inches and above: choose sized 16-18 oz.

Keep in mind that this guide is only a starting point. Always try on boxing gloves and ask your trainer for specific recommendations before purchasing, if possible, to ensure the best fit is tailored to your preferences.



In the exciting world of boxing, every punch counts on your path to becoming a confident boxer. Choosing the suitable gloves is more than just a decision; it’s the starting point for your progress. This ultimate guide for beginners aims to be your compass through the glove options available. Remember, the suitable gloves can make all the difference. So, choose wisely, punch fearlessly, and let your journey begin!

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