Fairtex-FMV15 Speed&Accuracy Focus Mitts


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Fairtex FMV15 Speed&Accuracy Focus Mitts

Fairtex FMV15 Speed&Accuracy Focus Mitts are made from premium microfiber fabric. It is extremely durable and lightweight durable for boxing training, 100% handmade in Thailand.

These Fairtex focus mitts FMV15 fit perfectly on the palms, absorb shock, and cushion the hands with their curved design and additional padding. The open fingertips allow boxing trainers to apply any size of individual finger, making control easier and more comfortable. The striking surface measures 16 centimeters wide by 19 centimeters high, with a gold target measuring 5 x 5 centimeters in the center. Boxing trainers do not have to slow down while striking.

Available color in Black/Gold
The total weight: 0.4 kilograms
Sell in pairs

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Weight 0.5 kg


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